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Don Anderson

Time to talk to Howard at AP

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The news about my hc is that it's not upgrading after several tries. Different laptops and different com ports as well . It took as many times during the last episode as well .

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Mine is the same cp3 and I'm scratching my head 

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No problems at all upgrading the keypad firmware.  Mine is a CP3 on a Mach1.  Used a genuine but  5 or 6 year old FTDI serial adapter -- the one with the flashing blue lights -- on a 5 year old Dell M6700 Mobile Workstation running Win-10 Pro.
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Guys ,
Did any of you have problems upgrading to 4193? For me I did manage somehow but it went mad two days ago and froze in astrophysics 4.193 , now I'm not hearing the beep sound at the start of upgrade , trying the 5 th or 6 th time now .i think I must a borrow a laptop with a serial port . I do have astrophysics ftdi convertor and straight Thro cable

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