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Don Anderson

Then cook the rice afterwards!
Don Anderson

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Haha Howard ,
   My great grandmother has told me that ! No problem will do

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Sorry I didn’t catch this ‘til now.  Don may be on the right track.  I don’t think it’s the heat.  The keypad is an industrial device and is quite heat tolerant.  It is, however, rather sensitive to moisture.  I learned this trick from someone – can’t remember who – but it’s worth a try.  Make a small bag our of cheesecloth, gauze, an old nylon stocking or something similarly porous.  Fill it with dry rice and close it.   Place the rice bag and the keypad in an airtight container overnight, or even for several days.  Try it again.   Plain old rice makes a great desiccant.
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It looks like the heat and humidity where you live is corroding the electrical contacts in your HC internal cable plug. I would suggest you get some electrical contact grease and put that on the contacts and plug after you clean the contacts thoroughly and before reinstalling the cable plug. That may help prevent the corrosion.
Don Anderson

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Hi Joe , 
   It's been 3 months since it ran into problems , like all Americans the hc can't take the indian heat !!! Ever since it conked out last time after being kept on the terrace , I bring it indoors during the day . Anyway today I saw it go blank , so I removed and plugged it back to the mother board and it just lit up saying astrophysics version so and so . Tommorow I will do it 
Thanks buddy

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Hi Suresh,
    I assume you have also downloaded the HC update file, more than once, just to be sure it is good. Check the “pin-spread” inside the 12 vdc  CPx power  socket – another possible source of power drop outs.
    Try doing the HC update on a different PC – and thus perhaps a more stable serial port, preferably one with a native PC port rather than a Serial/USB adapter. Use a different serial cable, and screw down the DB-9 plug to the panel, in case it is wobbling during the process. Place the HC on the floor or table and just press the buttons – in case picking it up during the process interrupts the rather long operation.
It is easy to completely  remove the CP controller and take it with the HC to another PC.
Perhaps you just need to exercise more caution with the HC, until it succeeds.
Good luck,

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