Re: After a slew star continues to move till I press west button

Suresh Mohan

Thanks Don ,
      I think I found the page , will update you in the evening

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It is possible that the gear mesh is not set correctly or the set screw that locks the spur gear attached to the worm gear has become loose. Astro-Physics has a procedure for tightening this gear.
You will find it on their website located under "Technical Support/GOTO Equatorial Mounts/Mach1 GOTO Equatorial Mounts/ "Additional Backlash Issues That are not Caused by a loose mesh between the Worm Gear and the Worm Wheel".

Good luck

Don Anderson

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Subject: [ap-gto] After a slew star continues to move till I press west button

Friends ,
I haven't mentioned this problem I'm having that's getting to be more nagging .
How do I get rid of it ? Apparently the star moves eastwards ( probably is not tracking after a slew , at speed 12x and 64 x) also the response time to change direction from east to west is no more happening instantly .Should I try to change my Motors to see if the problem persists ? ( exchange RA and DEC motors )

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