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Woody Schlom <woody@...>

I have the larger diameter CW shaft on my Mach1 and like it very much.  It's shorter in length but much thicker in diameter -- and it takes the "standard" AP counter-weights instead of the smaller Mach1 weights. 
The standard AP weights come in many more weights and versions.  I have two 10 lb. weights, one 18 lb. weight, and one 5 lb. weight.  I prefer using the single 18 lb. weight except that it's so much heavier and harder to lug around and store.  So when I setup at home in my back yard, I usually use the 18 lb. plus one 10 lb. plus one 5 lb.  But when I'm in the field, I leave the 18 lb. at home and use two 10 lb. plus the 5 lb.  Because my field configuration is lighter, I have to slide the CWs further down the shaft to balance everything.
Note -- the standard short and thick CW shaft does NOT fit inside the Mach1 for transport.  However that's fine with me as the stripped down Mach1 is near my carrying weight limit anyway.  Add a heavy CW shaft and I might have trouble lifting it.

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Hi guys

I'm currently using three 9lb counterweights and they are currently haning closes to the end of the 1.125" shaft on my Mach1GTO.

To reduce moemtum arm, I'm thinkg of adding another counterweight.

I'm wondering if I should switch to M1053-A 1.875" shaft instead or just add another counterweight to the default 1.125" shaft.

Thank you very much.


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