Re: EXT startup only works via Serial Port?

Howard Hedlund

Hi Rick,


I will bring my MacBook Pro from home in to work tomorrow (I’ll try to remember!) and see what I can figure out.  There are no such restrictions on the GTOCP4 side, but TSX may be treating things differently.  I am assuming that you have installed the FTDI Mac drivers from their website??  With that accomplished, the USB connection is really just a serial port.  It should be no different from using a Keyspan USB to serial adapter.


Can you open the GTOCP4’s internal web page from your Mac?


I have verified that TSX’s Ethernet connection works on my Win7 – 64 system here at work.  It initialized the mount properly.  The initial connection and startup took a little while, so be patient.


Be sure you have the correct IP address for the GTOCP4, and be sure you are set to use Port 23 in TSX.


Our servo engineer is also a Mac user at home.  He most assuredly designed the GTOCP4 to work on a Mac!!


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I am able to control my Mach1GTO with CP4 by serial port, USB, or Ethernet if it has been started up/initialized by the keypad (Autoconnect=NO). I use TheSkyX on a Mac

But if I try to do the startup by USB or Ethernet it doesn’t work. It will not connect unless I override the EXT and startup with the keypad. TheSkyX can start up the mount via serial port.

Is that the way it is supposed to behave? I’d really rather run the mount entirely through Ethernet.


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