MACH1GTO Gear Mesh Question

gary imm

Since I had a bit of looseness in both axes, I just gear meshed my MACH1GTO for the first time.   I tried to follow the instructions exactly - "Apply a SLIGHT pressure to the Lever Assembly".  I then checked the gearbox and the gears turned easily (I marked the RA gears so that I could retain my PEC curve).  But when I starting guiding the next night with PHD2, it consistently took 4-5 pulses before the mount would respond in either axis.  So I did the gear  mesh again, but this time applied slightly more pressure to the lever assembly.  The gears didn't turn quite as easily, but still turned smoothly.  Guiding was then much better, with the mount generally responding to single pulses each time.

My question is precisely how much pressure should I be applying during a gear mesh?  I pride myself in following instructions, but in this case I feel that I have a better guiding result by applying slightly more pressure during the gear meshing than is recommended.



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