Re: AP Mother board heating up

Don Anderson

I don't believe the CP3 or4 controller should get warm at all yet alone almost hot. I would check two things.
First open up the controller and make sure there is no moisture inside or on the circuit board. look closely to see if any of the traces or components have shown signs of heating.
Second if the controller electronics look ok, leave play in the worm mesh and retry operating the mounts two axis. If there is no sign of heating then, re-mesh to the proper specs.
Hope this helps
Don Anderson

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Ok it's funny that the tolerance has become so less , whereas the Dec spur gear can be rotated freely , the RA can do so for half a turn on either side , loosening a wee bit further causes a play , in fact the gear box actually moves a tiny bit when reversing east west direction at 1200x . I've left it at a point where there is no play in gear box and able to turn the spur gear freely for half a turn . Let me test tonight to see if it heats up . Question should the mother board show no increase in temperature at all ? Or is it ok to be just warm ?
Thank you

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Thanks Peter !!
Will do that

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Open the motor box side cover and rotate the large spur gear to make sure it's not tight. If it's tight, re-mesh the worm gears and double check the spur gears. I would load and balance the mount first before checking and re-meshing the gears.


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Today I kept my scope out in balcony , at 1200 speed both axes were sounding very laboured ; changed to 600 and worked better but DEC was stopping every 10 seconds while slewing RA did not behave that way . I had done pempro last night so wanted to check again , for some reason un related lodestar would disconnect every 10 seconds , I changed ports , re started computer and changed laptop also , same problem . I accidentally put my hand on my astrophysics main control box and found it strangely warm ( nearly hot ) I've disconnected every thing now and re connecting . I checked by 65 ah battery and it shows 13 volts
Pls guide me why this mother board of the mount appears so warm

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