Problem with slewing to objects in West with 900GTO

Dick Locke

"All of a sudden" my GTO900 has problems slewing to objects in the west over the last couple nights.  Everything seems fine with stuff in the East.  I'm running keypad 4.12 and thought maybe that's related...  I tried different startup modes, even changed the keypad clock to 2015, no joy.

I'm using TheSky6 connected via serial cable from a Win XP laptop - same as I've used for many years.

Starting from Beetlegeuse if I try to slew to Alnitak it slews off to the upper right towards taurus.  If I try to slew from Beetlegeuse to Alnitak using the controller it tells me the object is below the horizon.

Is this the firmware bug or something else?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I'm a week-long astro trip and this is a real pain!

-Dick Locke

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