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Don Anderson

Yes that is true. The 10-15 sec I took was a very leisurely and careful plug swap to insure I didn't damage the socket.
Ten years is an impressive life. Mine was 7 years and the battery voltage was still 2.87V, probably could have gotten another year or two out of it.
Don Anderson

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One would have to be a serious klutz not to be able to plug in the new battery in the 30-sec window and after properly placing it in the cavity with the wire underneath the fiber optic bundle. My existing battery has been humming for 10 years now and I think I will play it safe and contact Christine for a replacement.
Thanks for following up.

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Replacing the battery without plugging the keypad into the servo to maintain power to keypad and not losing the database is very doable and very safe. I did mine a little over a year ago.
Below is a copy of a post to this group (#49905) describing how I did it. Very easy and very safe.

I replaced mine this spring without losing the database or leaving the power on while replacing the battery. Just pry the old battery out of the holder, while leaving it plugged in, install the new battery in the holder feed the wires & plug under the fibre optic bundle then having the plug of the new battery nearby, quickly swap plugs. If you set things up properly, you can make the swap in about 15 sec. I believe Roland commented after I posted about doing this that one has about 30 sec to make the swap.
Works like a charm.

Don Anderson

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This is why I was puzzled by the approach described in the video.
By the way, I am way too chicken to try your method in the event of static electricity etc. Having things go back and forth between the US and Europe is a real pain due to customs and, as a result, better safe than sorry.

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You can change the battery without losing the databases. Just plug the keypad into the servo and apply power. Now remove and change the battery and no database is lost.


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Silly question with the battery replacement: did you not have to reload the databases internal to the keypad?

On 1/23/2017 03:01, Harley Davidson astrocnc@... [ap-ug] wrote:
I have added two videos.

The first is: Astro Physics 130GT vs 130GTX a comparison

The second is: Replacing an Astro Physics Keypad Battery


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