Re: Cable and Systems Management


Wayne, All.

Proud new GTO owner here, first post here, hi! Thanks for the add, y'all have already answered some of my questions, especially the thread on apcc install and virtual comports (If anyone else is having problems installing, and they are using Norton, in addition to turning it off for installation, the firewall also needs configuring or it hides the ports from being scanned.. grr. 2 days of debug :)

I set mine up by using a pelican case with the power supplies, fusebox, Icron and focus hub in there. I used nylon cable sheathing to make an umbilical of 2x12Vdc power, a USB extender and 2xCAT5 cables for the focusers. This umbilical goes up through the mount, and I leave it in the RA axis when disassembled. Up top there is a 4 port usb hub, connecting to the camera, guide, flipflat etc. One of the 12v supplies is dedicated to the camera, the other for the dew controller. Cheapo 4 port usb hub hasn't failed on me yet, got a spare just in case.I bundled the mounts power and USB cables similarly.
Whole thing takes about 2-3 minutes to hookup or breakdown.
Some good ideas above for mounting options. For now, I just used sticky back velcro to place the usb hub and dew controller on the saddle.


Some pics of my rig here:

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