Re: AP 1600 Sticktion?

Jon <jmartin590@...>

for balancing, you can get a digital fish scale and see what the load is to to make the mount move one way and then the other from a counter weight horizontal position. When the load is the same, your in balance.  I have used this method on my 900 and it works well.


On 1/21/2017 11:44 AM, bigeastro@... [ap-gto] wrote:

I think I am experiencing sticktion sp? in my dec axis.   I recently upgraded the scope that was mounted on the mount and increased the load by about 20 pounds and purchased a 30 pound and 18 pound counterweights.

My total load of equipment has to be somewhere around 90 pounds or so.  This is well within the load rating.  I purchased more than needed counterweights, because I was already extended out on the counterweight shaft and wanted to bring things in a little.  

Anyways, my calibration in PHD2 in RA looks good but in Dec it takes a long time and it does not seem to move as fluidly as it used to.  It seems like I am getting bad calibration and there is an error message that the calibration is not what is expected. My guiding seems to have suffered a bit also.

I think I have it balanced, but it is hard to do since the mount is kind of rigid.  

Any ideas on how to remedy?


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