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Just out of curiosity, why wouldn't making a 4-way pigtail with power poles be an option? You would still have one cable though the mount for power and not have the additional weight of the rig runner mounted on top of the scope.

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Add to the wish list to be able to remotely switch each of the USB ports on or off via a windows software app
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I have looked at these.  Actually I have a different Kendrick box.  They work great, but are way too bulky to mount on top of a mount/scope, and they don’t have enough power ports for all my devices.  The Blue Astro Hub was a PCB solution that would have been small.  Still looking for someone to implement a PCB based solution for this.  I’ve seen one device that comes close, but the individual Powerpole circuits are not individually protected and isolated from each other.  I’m afraid of power spikes from dew heaters, pelters, etc. causing potential issues with a camera if using this.  Closest thing I’ve found to what I’m looking for though.

Would love to see some astro manufacturer put something like this into a low profile saddle.  6 or 7 power ports on one side, 7 USB ports on the other side.  Then you’d only have two cables running through the mount.


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    Have a look at the KENDRICK all-in-one power boxes. However, it doesn’t have “remote controlled” power option yet.
I think it is an interesting integration of PowerPole box and USB, and cigarette lighter plugs. Even has an option for one of the sockets to be an AP mount 15 vdc power. Don’t know if it is bulkier than the “Blue Astro Hub” intended product – you decide.
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Ive tried the same thing as well with a top plate, Powerpole box and USB hub from Startech.  It seems to work well, but is a much larger setup than should be necessary.  I’m still surprised, with tech advancing as fast as it has, that no one has come up with a great solution for a small, compact setup for power and data connections like the Blue Astro Hub that was in the works before Per passed away this past summer.  That was the most compact setup I’ve seen yet for remotely controlled power and USB connections, but its currently unavailable.  I am longing for a solution like this in one SMALL device or saddle.  Rig runners work great but are three times larger than they need to be for astro work and power requirements.  -sigh- 

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