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Christopher Erickson

I took a small 12V, USB3 hub that had enough room to mount a 4-port
PowerPole panel in it's side. I beefed-up the 12V power to the hub and also
added a few more filter caps to the USB electronics. That gets me down to
two cables through my Mach1. USB3 and 12VDC. Before I added the extra
filter caps, cycling on the camera's Peltier cooler would reboot the USB3

I attached a pic, if it comes through.

Christopher Erickson
Consulting Engineer
Summit Kinetics
Waikoloa, HI 96738


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With the rapid growth of computer-aided astronomy - multi-camera Imaging,
USB hubs, mount controllers, guiding, focusing, anti-dew systems, modeling
and pointing etc - the complexity of managing all the systems and
connections to what is a moving system has also grown. The thru-the-mount
design of the new AP mounts was a great improvement and its's really helped
with my 1100. However it is still difficult to Quickly reconfigure your
system and I have started to see clever folks address this by moving more of
their electronics like signal and power hubs "above the mount" I'd call it.

Along these lines, I was thinking of adding a plate on top of the telescope
rings and mounting my Rigrunner, USB hub, and Dew controller on the plate.
Then I would run only one power line and one USB cable thru the mount to the
Rigrunner and USB hub respectively. From there I'd run short connections to
the hardware.

I'd like others thoughts on this, especially from those who have tried
something like this, and how it's worked out? Pictures of your Systems would
be welcome!



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