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Could you enumerate the 'bug fixes' so those of us on the fence about trying beta software could make an educated judgement?

Admittedly those of us with the GTOCP4 don't really have a choice do we?

Michael Fulbright

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Hi Patricia,

Sorry about being late on the invoice but, here it is.


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Earlier this week, we released version It is presently designated
as public beta since we would like to invite more users to give the new
camera options and plate solving choices a workout. The remainder of the
program is solid.

Many people have asked for the additional camera plate solving options. We
thank Ray for adding this capability.

Here is a summary of the new key features of this version.

* APCC - Define two Virtual Port for the ASCOM driver to accommodate
programs that are run as administrator and those that are not. This should
alleviate some of the recent issues on this group that related to the
administrator setting.
* APCC - Added COM port fallback to ethernet/wi-fi connection. You can
now use any one of the connection options as a backup of your major
* APCC - Added "Pier Flip" button to "Move Scope" and "Meridian Delay"
group boxes.
* APCC Pro - New camera options: Sequence Generator Pro, ASCOM camera
and SkyX Image Linking camera Add-on (APPM)
* APCC Pro - New plate solving choices:Sequence Generator Pro (tested
with PlateSolveX), SkyX Plate Solving (APPM)
* APCC Pro - Increased range of allowable barometric pressure from
800-1100 to 500-1300.
* Bug fixes
* Refer to the Version History for complete information.

Clear Skies,

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