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I'm preparing to order an A-P 1100GTO within the next couple of months, so I hope you'll forgive me if these are obvious newbie questions.  I've tried to get some info from the archives before posting.

My first question I think I've determined an answer for.  I'll be using the mount with a Celestron 14" Edge HD.  I'm planning on purchasing the DOVELM162 to attach the Edge HD to the mount.  I've seen a few statements from people that this works with the non-standard size dovetail on the Celestrons.  Additional comments would be welcome.

I have had an 1100 for several months.  I have had several orange dovetails over the years.  I believe that, because they are extruded, rather than machined, the tolerances are less precise.  Hence, one orange dovetail may be OK, while another is less than adequate.  I have two orange dovetails sitting unused that differ in width across the dovetail ears by 2 mm.  I switched to ADM dovetail.  The ADM product for the 14" Celestron is $139...inexpensive insurance for a tight fit.

My main questions are about attaching the mount to my pier top plate and attaching the GTOCP4 to the mount or top plate.  My top plate is 14" x 14" x 1" aluminum.  I originally had a Milburn wedge on it (for a Meade LX200) so it has a center hole and the three threaded holes normally found on a Meade tripod.  The mount I am replacing is a Losmandy Titan, so I have what they call an MAL currently attached to the top plate using the center hole and the Titan is attached on top of the MAL.

So, I am trying to determine it there is something fairly equivalent to the MAL.  I've looked at the 119FSA-FP, but that doesn't appear to have a center hole.  Is there something for attaching to the top plate which has a center hole?  If not, I'm sure that I can take my top plate into a local machinist.

I had a local machine shop drill and tap the pier top plate to match the eight holes in the 119FSA (NOTE:  This is different than the 119FSA-FP).  The result is very solid.

Lastly, I can tell that the GTOCP4 is normally attached, vertically, directly to the back of the mount, but is it possible (and are cables long enough) so that I could instead attach it to the back of my top plate?  I've seen the Q6281KIT control box extensions, but I suspect it may be a bit unwieldy to extend it out several inches so it would be past the edge of the top plate.

This is a guess on my part, as I attached the CP4 in the default position.  You might look at the CBAPT kit.  It is designed to install the CP4 on the top plate or pier itself for a 900 or 1200.  It may work for the same purpose on the 1100.  You will need longer cables.  This is explained in more detail in the following A-P link.

I will certainly appreciate any help - this looks like a great group.

Clear skies,

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