Top plate and control box attachment questions

Dale Hooper

I'm preparing to order an A-P 1100GTO within the next couple of months, so I hope you'll forgive me if these are obvious newbie questions.  I've tried to get some info from the archives before posting.

My first question I think I've determined an answer for.  I'll be using the mount with a Celestron 14" Edge HD.  I'm planning on purchasing the DOVELM162 to attach the Edge HD to the mount.  I've seen a few statements from people that this works with the non-standard size dovetail on the Celestrons.  Additional comments would be welcome.

My main questions are about attaching the mount to my pier top plate and attaching the GTOCP4 to the mount or top plate.  My top plate is 14" x 14" x 1" aluminum.  I originally had a Milburn wedge on it (for a Meade LX200) so it has a center hole and the three threaded holes normally found on a Meade tripod.  The mount I am replacing is a Losmandy Titan, so I have what they call an MAL currently attached to the top plate using the center hole and the Titan is attached on top of the MAL.

So, I am trying to determine it there is something fairly equivalent to the MAL.  I've looked at the 119FSA-FP, but that doesn't appear to have a center hole.  Is there something for attaching to the top plate which has a center hole?  If not, I'm sure that I can take my top plate into a local machinist.

Lastly, I can tell that the GTOCP4 is normally attached, vertically, directly to the back of the mount, but is it possible (and are cables long enough) so that I could instead attach it to the back of my top plate?  I've seen the Q6281KIT control box extensions, but I suspect it may be a bit unwieldy to extend it out several inches so it would be past the edge of the top plate.

I will certainly appreciate any help - this looks like a great group.

Clear skies,

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