Re: Help! Part 1: Everything always goes wrong!

Don Anderson

The intermittent tracking could be caused by a bad connection on one of the plugs on the cable or the plug in the mount. The fact that you said you "fiddled with the plug and it worked" suggests the one of these connectors is intermittent. Check for a bent or out of place wire in the plug mount.
Just a thought
Don Anderson

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It's been over 3 weeks since it's been clear.  Tonight I went out and tried to use my scope.  The same thing that has happened every time I have used it happened again.  I can't figure out what is happening.
Scope: FSQ106ED
Mount AP600Goto
Camera STL11000
AP Ascom driver
The SkyX
Guide Rate set at 1 using the AP hand controller.

So I start up the scope, sync everything and all is well.  I do a FocusMx focus and again all is well.
Next I try to do a autoguider calibrate in CCDSoft, set at 15 second moves in the calibration directions. The first thing that happens is that on it's first move, when it takes the photo at the destination position, the telescope is still moving during the exposure!  All other moves are OK and at the end of the calibration, the star is back where it should be but of course the calibration fails.  So to trouble shoot I take a photo and then move the mount in the N direction with CCDSoft, and it is clear that the star is way out of the field of view.
Now this has happened previously and by fiddling with the RJ11 connectors and trying a few times it eventually works.
I have made these cables 4 times.  And I always have the same issue.
This time fiddling with the connectors did nothing.  So I looked at the AP driver control, and clicked on the Set button for the guide rate (was set at 1) and then tried again.  Everything was now fine.  Perfect calibration and excellent tracking.
So what gives????  I have limited days of imaging given the weather so what can I do to troubleshoot this?  Are there any tools I can use?
I'm at wits end here!
The last month I did get 8 subs of 30 minutes and they were exceedingly perfect so I know it can work.  
That's only one part of the issue today, when I did get it working all my subs are useless for another reason.
Please see Part II

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