Confession and appeal for help from an AP-900 CP3 owner

steven ho

I am the original owner but haven't ever used the software that came with the mount. 

Here are the recent steps taken to prepare for the using a guide scope with the mount.

1) Installed the V2 chip in the mount.

2) Obtained the 15 foot straight through serial cable from AP.

3) Obtained FTDICHIP USB to serial port adapter from AP.

4) Installed FTDICHIP drivers.

5) Removed old version of AP ASCOM driver

6) Installed ascom platform 6.2

7) Installed PHD2

(If I understood correctly) George from AP indicated a new version (5.0904) of the 

Astro-Physics ASCOM V2 Driver will soon be posted, waiting on that.

The intended guide scope is an SBIG ST-i with  10 x 60 Baader Vario-Finder piggy backed 

on an AP refractor.

The software on the CD has PulseGuide130 from 2004-07-12. Should I fire up PulseGuide130 and connect

to the mount?

Help is much appreciated, thank you

steve hoffman

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