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Thanks Suresh! That clears up my confusion.

clear skies!

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Dave ,
     Fsq 106 has collimation in the front , 85 it's designed differently 

On 30-Nov-2016, at 6:06 PM, Suresh Mohan Neelmegh <drsureshmohan@...> wrote:

    I called yesterday Texas nautical ,the key person was not available , the other gentleman was the one who spoke but this is what he said , but wanted me to post pics

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That is very interesting. Are the FSQ85 and the FSQ106 different designs? Did you get this information from Takahashi Japan? Texas Nautical Repair, the company that provides warranty service on Tak products in the US, said that the only adjustment they can make to the FSQ106 is collimation of the front element. Any other optical issues with the scope have to go back to Japan.


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Don,Christopher ,
     I called Takahashi , they told me in the FSQ there is no collimating element in the front end , to just tighten the ring as Christopher said and they think it would not affect it . They wanted me to post pics after the tightening .

On 29-Nov-2016, at 1:27 AM, Don Anderson jockey_ca@... [ap-gto] <ap-gto@...> wrote:


If it is still under warranty, If it was me, I would send it back and get it serviced.
Don Anderson

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Thanks for the quick reply , the problem is my mount is up in the mountains and I will try placing on the window and see if your idea works . Yes the scope is in warranty but I dread the idea of sending to Japan if this would fix whatever

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It's hard to tell based on the information. Your best bet is to get hold of someone from the dealer. It is quite possible the collimation could have been thrown out or that the lens elements have been distorted when you tightened the retaining ring. You could try taking a few images and seeing what they look like. If you have an eyepiece you could try looking at some objects to see what the scope performs like. Depending on how old the scope is it's possible it might still be under warranty?
Just some thoughts.
Good luck
Don Anderson

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I was cleaning the body of my takahashi fsq 85 when I heard a clanking sound . I realised it was coming from the from front of the scope . The front element was loose , even more the retention ring of the front glass was loose , I tightened them with my hand enough to prevent spinning and then screwed the front element correctly . Will this cause a disturbance of collimation ?
Thank you

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