Re: Mylar washers instead of nylon

Stephen E. Russell <sjruss55@...>

Hello Ron,

Where did you find those Mylar washers? What company makes them?
I've tried several hardware stores and home centers but have had no
luck in finding Mylar washers. I get a funny look when I asked for
them. All I can find are Nylon, fiber, and rubber.


metal washer, or in place of the metal washer. A trip to my local
store today turned up something that I'd never heard of, but that
is a
better solution than the nylon washers: Mylar washers.
* Thinner than nylon
The Mylar washers have several advantages right off that I can see:
* Harder than nylon, but not so hard as to be troublesome
* Less friction than nylon, almost slippery in fact

They are recommended for any location where you have frequent
tightening and
loosening. They are also quite cheap, .24 to .30 a pair, depending
on size.

Ron Wodaski

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