INDI status?

Michael Fulbright <mike.fulbright@...>

I am starting to move my imaging setup over to INDI as an experiment and so I can contribute to the project. I started with my Orion Sirius using the EQMOD driver but I would really like to use my Mach 1 (GTOCP4) as well.

Looking at the INDI device support page:

I didn't see any information about AP mounts.

When I contacted AP I was told they do not have immediate plans to support INDI, but I heard a rumor a driver had been started "in the community" and I wanted to see if that project was still active and find out if I could contribute in any way.

The last year has shown intense development for INDI and there are companies that are starting to commercially support INDI. With the possibility of breaking the WIntel lock on imaging platforms (as ASCOM is not remotely multi-platform) for the past decade plus I think it is an exciting development.

Michael Fulbright

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