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IMHO Wayne is completely realistic in his expectations. As human beings we all want to make the best of our situation. This is a costly hobby and how many times has it happened, to me, and many others, that we wait for our 'big move', only to be trumped within days of a major purchase with something surpassing it? I can't begin to count the times - and I'm sure few of you could either.

The unrealistic part is getting any kind of indication on this from sellers, who would expect that? They have their reality, too.
We can just do our best, and don't give the guy a hard time when he wants to get bang for his buck. From what I've read here, nearly everyone else does too.

Go for it Wayne, carpe diem!

Steve E

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Really, you would be disappointed if you bought a mount and a new version was released at NEAF, welcome to progress.

Best bet is wait for NEAF 2017, nothing new, whip out the CC or maybe wait for NEAF 2018, 19, 20...


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I'm looking to get a Mach 1 as a portable/star party mount. My concern is the mount design is several years old and I'd be disappointed if I bought one and a Mach 2 is introduced at NEAF 2017! Any rumors or covert info insiders could share?? ��

I'm planning to go to NEAF for the first time next year,  excited to meet the AP team in person!


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