SGP Auto Meridian Flip Failing


Hello Everyone.


I had and an issue with the Auto Meridian Flip in Sequence Generator Pro (SGP) failing with the Mach1 and new version of APCC PRO (v1.5.0.12) during my last imaging run. I think it is related to the new Homing/Limits that I have set in APCC. Currently the RA Limit is set to 0 Mins from meridian and my Dec Limit is set to -60.55 Degrees. If the mount hits these limits I have it set to Stop Slew and Tracking.


My guess is that I am hitting the RA limit before SGP gets around to issuing the Auto Meridian Flip slew command which is causing the flip to fail because slewing has been disabled by APCC. I could disable the RA Limits, but I would prefer not to because I kind of like the peace of mind of having it enabled. The other option would be to put in a negative amount in the RA Limit, e.g. -20 Mins from Meridian and this hopefully give SGP enough time to perform the Auto Meridian Flip before it hits the RA limit. However, I am not sure if this is allowed by APCC.


I would be very interested to hear what other folks who are using SGP and have set Homing/Limits in APCC and what they have done to resolve this issue.


Thanks for the help.


Andrew J

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