Re: Are the PowerPole plug housings GLUED together?

Michael Turner


Another item to understand is the "Industry standard of connecting the red and black connectors" in circuits.

This link might help:
The problem here is that there is no real standard.  The shortwave community and many of the users have their own method.
I always check the method used by the cables I'm going to connect to and go with that.  For my AP 15a PS, I used the method describe in the Powerwerx article, since I had already wired my Rigrunner that way.


At 09:57 PM 10/29/2016, you wrote:

Thanks Woody,
    I never got far enough to try pushing the connectors in. The plastic housings were left/right reversed, so no metal contact blade “insertionâ€� problem. Likewise, there is no roll-pin in between, joining the two. So, it looks like it is indeed a sonic-welded “housing setâ€�.
    Now that I know that PowerWrx makes such a fused housing version, I will be careful about trying to “invert and mismatchâ€� the mating, while swapping terminal positions at the power supply end. Even though it is extremely bad practice, this was just a quick setup for some bench tests, and not for permanent cabling. I even put tape-tags on the extension cable  to remind me of the odd setup, so I wouldn’t screw up. I will just put this extension in a drawer after the test, and leave it for some future CP4 power source re-cabling.

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