Re: Are the PowerPole plug housings GLUED together?

Michael Turner


More than likely the connector that AP put on the CP4 power cable was put together with "Sonic Technology" that makes a permanent connection between the 2 sockets.  This a an option when you buy connectors from vendors like Power Werx
I always keep a few of those sets around for quick installations in the dark.

BTW, I converted my entire imaging and observing rigs to Anderson Power Poles about 5 years ago.   I haven't had a single cigarette lighter adapter failure since :-).
I even added 2 pair of jacks to my 15A AP power supply, along with a 5 port horizontal  RigRunner for DC distribution.

You will probably receive several replies similiar to mine as the power poles are in use by a lot of folks.


At 02:51 PM 10/29/2016, you wrote:

    After cabling up my new CP4 using the battery pigtail,  I tried to use the other CABPP18R Ring Tail Extension to supply DC power to another device.
That device’s PowerPole (being the socket side), would not mate with this extension. Simple solution for this left over cable, would be to simply “slide the red/block housingsâ€� apart, so they match and fit in as a plug.  Obviously, when the extension was made, the PP ends were positioned side-by-side  to act as “socketsâ€� to receive the main CP4 cable.
    However, there was impossible to slide the ends apart. I even put one side (black) in a vice, and tapped down to break the bond with reasonable force on the other (red) side. They are stuck together –“ would not slide apart!!! Short term solution was to swap the ring polarity on the DC power supply terminals – but that could end up causing future reverse pollarity calamities, if I’m not careful.
    Was this a Safety consideration, by either AP or PowerWorx – to GLUE the red/black PowerPole housing of the extensioon in place, so the user would not be able to change the “genderâ€� of the extension cable – thus preventing that end from being used as a “senderâ€� instead of a receiver of power?
    Or do  I just need a bigger hammer?

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