Re: AP1600GTO No Guiding


Also it is worth mentioning for good measure. The guide camera works. The guide setting move the telescope with the GPUSB. How do I know this? On the Maxim DL guide tab in the camera control window, there is a move button. When I hit that button, it opens up a window with arrow keys. I can hit those keys and the mount will move. 

The problem I am experiencing is when I hit the guide button the guide star just starts moving in RA until it is off the screen. It is like sidereal rate is being stopped. I'm using the same settings I've been using all the time which are the default settings, I've played around with some just experimenting but it still does it. 

If I leave a star on the screen using camera one with 1 second exposure in sidereal mode with no tracking she'll stay centered all night, it is only when I hit guide that the guidestar travels off screen. 

When I calibrate I always get the message that the star didn't move more than 5 pixels in X, but it has always said this (even when I've changed to settings). 

I've changed the guide speed on the mount hand controller as well but that has no effect. 

This all started when we had a power cut on Sunday. Prior to that she guided perfectly.

Any theories welcome. 


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