Re: AP900 Gto Auto-Guiding woes.

Christopher Erickson

I don't have any pics of an imaging setup on my 900 right now so I would have to set up and take some.  These days I mostly image with my Mach1+130EDF-GT+SBIG STF-8300M/FW5/OAG/STi and use my 900+C14 for outreach.  On the Mach1 I route cables internally.
Using thin Velcro wraps every so often, I take the 3 cables (USB2+USB2+12VDC) from the cameras on to the focus motor, add that cable to the bundle and then from there go to a small USB+12VDC distribution hub I have mounted off of the OTA dovetail bar, centered over the DEC axis.  From there I drop one USB cable and one PWR cable down past both axes and connect to the rest of my electronics collected in a small Pelican box hanging on the side of the tripod.
I'll try to get some pics and upload them later.
I hope my descriptions are helpful.

Christopher Erickson
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Do you have any example images of your cable routing?  All of my cables are secured to the back end of my OTA/STT-8300. And I mean a lot of cables! I tried routing them along the axis/pier, but didn't have enough slack at that point. As they are now, the can't hang on anything, and can't move or put any strain on any connectors (pigtailed at the connection). But I'd think there has to be a better way. 

Thanks.  Good thread!


PS: Roland, when you say any movement of the guiding cable can result in errors, are you refering to just weight or physical strain on the guider plug?

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