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I find the easiest way to nail polar alignment is to use the Polar Alignment Tool in Sharpcap 2.9. It will work with your ASI1600MM (same camera I have) but you need a FOV of around 1-2 degrees. That should work with your 100mm OTA.

You need to be close (a couple of degrees) of polar alignment when you start. Then you let sharpcap plate solve the sky, rotate at least 90 degrees in RA, sharpcap plate solves again and shows you the rotational axis as well as the proper location of the polaris to be polar aligned. Turn your alt and az controls on the mount, iterate. I have then tested the resulting polar alignment with drift alignment and it is close enough for my short and medium focal length imaging. It reports my error as always under 2 arc-minutes of the pole but I wouldn't get too caught up in that.

The whole process is designed as a wizard so should be easy to learn and be done in 10 minutes.

Michael Fulbright

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Hi Chris,

I do have a nice baader click lock diagonal and lots of nice eyepieces (naglers/ethos/etc). The OTA I am using is a Stellarvue SVQ100 astrograph (but I do have the adapter for visual with it).

Right now I am wishing I had gotten the RAPAS even if only using it for the one time PAsighI will probably be ordering it shortly.

I do have several 50mm finder scopes as well as several 12mm/20mm illuminated reticles but I dont have the correct shoe to mount them to the SVQ 100I have one ordered but hasnt arrived yet.

I have done DA using PHD2 with the CGEM. I will try and tackle DA with PEMPro as others have suggested.

I have no clue about adjusting for orthogonality (cone error)? But will be learning.


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With no polar scope, no finder scope, no hand controller and a small-ish 4/3" camera chip (compared to a wide field eyepiece) and unknown orthogonality, you have set quite aninteresting challenge for yourself.

Sort of like one of those survivalist reality shows where the hero goes naked into the den of an angrygrizzly, covered in bacon grease and armed only with attitude and aQ-tip.

Here are my suggestions:

1. Get a cheap diagonal and low-powered eyepiece.

2. Get a polar scope. Even a used PASILL4 is way, way-better than nothing.

3. Get a cheap unity finder scope. Something like a Rigel Quickfinder or a Telrad.

4. Learn how to drift align.

5. Learn how to adjust your orthogonality.

6.Optionalbuthighly-desirable-geta new or usedAPhandcontroller.

I hope this helps!

Christopher Erickson
Consulting Engineer
Summit Kinetics
Waikoloa, HI 96738

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******Newb Alert :)***********

What is the best way to go about getting better GoTo's with what I currently have as a setup? The mount is in an Observatory on a pier. Last night was the first real chance I have had to try and get it Polar Aligned (just visually by looking through the bore hole) and work on GoTo accuracy. Unfortunately, I am a bit limited in my choices of how to go about doing this.

I only have a refractor with an ASI1600 camera on it. I have no RAPAS or Keypad or finder scope.

I initially tried to just slew to a star (Vega) but the star was not in the FOV (I am using SGP to see what is in the FOV). So I tried slewing to Andromeda (as it is a pretty big target) and it was in the FOV, but not centered. So I centered it using the direction buttons on APCC. I then made sure the RA/Dec were correct andhit the ReCal button. This works great for slewing to Andromeda (as no matter where I am now if I select M31 - Andromeda - the mount puts it dead center. But still no other targets are in my FOV.

What is the best method of getting the mount accurately Polar Aligned, given that I don't have a R8 APAS/Keypad/finderscope so that my GoTo's will be spot on?

Also, isn't part of the point of doing a ReCal to help with the overall pointing accuracy of the mount?

As you can tell I am totally new with this mount (coming from a CGEM and the familiar 2+4 and ASPA) and would like to get this figured out. I have been through the manuals but can't find an answer to this - or at least nothing I quite understood.

Appreciate any help.



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