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I didn't have the sense he was intending to point the scope straight up - I sensed he had a flat panel that was on a stand and he needed to point at it. I would vote for the custom park position as well. Can you have more than one? I guess you have one custom and one pre-defined and you're good to go tho.

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Right now there is no specific park position for the zenith, but that could be done in future keypad software releases. We are also thinking of adding user specific park positions that could be saved in Park 5 thru 9.
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Hi Rolando,
Too bad there wasn’t a “Park” position that would slew there automatically.
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None of the 3 ways will lose the polar alignment. Polar alignment is lost if you move the altitude and azimuth axes. However, the best way to proceed is to simply slew the scope to the zenith using your keypad buttons. That way you won't lose your star alignments.
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I have an AP 1100GTO which is set up in an observatory. I have begun doing AP and have a question.
As the mount is properly Polar Aligned, I do not want to lose that and have to do it all over again. So, if I want to move the RA into a horizontal position and the Dec into a vertical position (so I can put an EL panel over the telescope objective) to take flats, what is the best way to do this?move the scope into position by slewing it under power; or
  • loosen the clutch knobs and manually move the RA/Dec into position; or
  • unlock the motors/drives and manually move the scope into position then re-engage the motors
Would I be correct that the proper way is the first option (move the scope under power). Any other way will lose the polar alignment?

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