Re: Question on Taking Flats With Telescope on the mount

Stuart Heggie <stuart.j.heggie@...>


On Wednesday, 5 October 2016, dvuolhhr6nx4a532a3phnju3zs6lzvlgxdl2wzaf@... [ap-gto] <ap-gto@...> wrote:


I have an AP 1100GTO which is set up in an observatory. I have begun doing AP and have a question.

As the mount is properly Polar Aligned, I do not want to lose that and have to do it all over again. So, if I want to move the RA into a horizontal position and the Dec into a vertical position (so I can put an EL panel over the telescope objective) to take flats, what is the best way to do this?

  • move the scope into position by slewing it under power; or
  • loosen the clutch knobs and manually move the RA/Dec into position; or
  • unlock the motors/drives and manually move the scope into position then re-engage the motors
Would I be correct that the proper way is the first option (move the scope under power). Any other way will lose the polar alignment?


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