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Antoine, thanks for that note. I wonder then if all that really matters is that you have the box checked for the camera doing the guiding. Checking both maybe doesn't hurt but you must have it checked for the device assigned as "autoguider".

My memory of the problem I had with TSX and my AP900GTO is fuzzy. I had a strange thing happen when reconnecting my STL11000 after service. TSX lost all of my preset parameters. Then the '-' sign went missing on my timezone offset which put me in India. Weirdly close to Lucknow India as it happens. Guess where I live. Lucknow ONTARIO CANADA. OMG - what a confusing thing to happen. So, part of my problem was the checkbox got unchecked on the autoguider tab but also TSX thought I was in India according to the timezone offset but for some reason it is happy to accept your RA and Dec so it displayed the local sky correctly for the time of day.


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I use TSX with Camera Add-On to image with my Mach1GTO.

I have « Auto Reverse X on G » checked on both Camera Setup and Autoguide Setup. This allows TSX to automatically reverse autoguide RA corrections after a meridian flip.

I quote Daniel Bisque :
« Daniel R. Bisque:
• By default, the Auto-Reverse X for GEMs checkbox is turned on for both the Imager and the Guider.  When the Auto-Reverse X for GEMs checkbox is turned on, TheSkyX automatically reverses the X direction during guiding based on the OTA side of the pier and the original calibration.
• If the Auto-Reverse X for GEMs checkbox is turned off, TheSkyX no longer automatically reverses the X direction; this responsibility is left to the user.  Turn on the Reverse X checkbox to do so when necessary.
Best practice: turn on the Auto-Reverse X for GEMs checkbox.
There are two checkboxes because you can choose to image or autoguide using any of the sensors attached to Camera or Autoguider.

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