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Suresh Mohan

Thanks Rolando, may i ask you a question about TSX ? lets say i wish to shoot LBN 777. My set up is a takahashi fsq 85/Mach1 /canon 600 D. You know very well that there will be no data in a 20 minute sub except the stars , Suppose i want the  dark nebula in a certain orientation is there a way i can do that using image link?(just using a test shot of the region ). In other words my question is does plate solve tell you the orientation of the stars to your camera

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Using the latest ASCOM driver (not APCC), is Park at "Current Position" equivalent to Park 0?


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With Park 0, you can park the scope anywhere in the sky. The mount will simply stop moving, motors de-energized. Then turn off power. Assuming that you don't tear down the scope and mount, but leave it set up, with Autoconnect = YES, you can simply switch on power next night and go to any object. The mount will go there accurately.

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