Re: Guiding Issues

Antoine PAVLIN

I use TSX with Camera Add-On to image with my Mach1GTO.

I have « Auto Reverse X on G » checked on both Camera Setup and Autoguide Setup. This allows TSX to automatically reverse autoguide RA corrections after a meridian flip.

I quote Daniel Bisque :
« Daniel R. Bisque:
• By default, the Auto-Reverse X for GEMs checkbox is turned on for both the Imager and the Guider.  When the Auto-Reverse X for GEMs checkbox is turned on, TheSkyX automatically reverses the X direction during guiding based on the OTA side of the pier and the original calibration.
• If the Auto-Reverse X for GEMs checkbox is turned off, TheSkyX no longer automatically reverses the X direction; this responsibility is left to the user.  Turn on the Reverse X checkbox to do so when necessary.
Best practice: turn on the Auto-Reverse X for GEMs checkbox.
There are two checkboxes because you can choose to image or autoguide using any of the sensors attached to Camera or Autoguider.

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