Re: AP900 DEC sawtooth guiding

Anis Mo

Hi Rolando

I dont have keypad connected to the system. It is only connected to the computer. ASCOM v2 and SGP

The PHD2 settings are
1. Camera pixel size - 8.62 micron (Lodestar x2)
2. Focal length - 382mm (Connected via OAG , so FSQ106 with 0,73 reducer)

I did calibration few times to be sure with calibration steps of 500ms (as well as let PHD2 calculate based on DEC). The calibration always completed without any issue

I also tried with Hystersis as well as resist switch DEC algorithm, as well as with different aggressiveness (all the way to lowest possible aggressiveness).  

Every one of these times, it will guide properly if I start the guiding but once it receives the dither pulse, the star will start jumping between two points and never settle. (almost same amplitude)

Here is one screenshot that I took when it was running ok:

The DEC always stayed below the 0 line.. not sure if I have PA misalignment (I did PA using polemaster and was able to get it calibrated pretty well as per that software).


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