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Wolfgang (and Bill), I agree with Don, the calibration time is too short. 

BUT, as Rolando already pointed out, one reason you'll have the symptom you both describe is if you have the "Reverse X on Flip" set incorrectly. In TSX this checkbox often disappears from view in the set-up for the guider (you have to scroll down to find it) AND this same check box exists on the camera tab in Set-up. Crazy confusing. I don't think it is correct to have them both checked. Just check the one on the guider tab.

Anyway, if things seem okay for a few seconds then the star drives out of the box, I am betting that Rolando's comment is what is going on. You're guiding fine but the control software has X reversed so as things start to go badly, the reaction is to double down on doing the wrong thing and the star speeds out of the box.


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Hi all,

i had and still have the same troubles with guiding like Bill described it. I use Sky X and the Camera Add on for controlling the CCD and the Lodestar guider.

I use a 12" f/4 Newt and a OAG for the Lodestar. I use a AP1200 mount with CP3 System.

I calibrate the X and Y axis for 2 sec. I always get the message "Calibration Successful". The guiding rate is on 1, like i used it with Maxim DL.

As i start guiding, everthing runs fine (correction 0,00- 0,30 Pixels in X and Y) but after a few minutes the guiding goes to 3 Pixels or more....and the guide star is lost.

I disconnected the CCD and the Guider from Sky X and i checked the guiding with Maxim DL, everthing runs perfect...over hours.

I also changed the aggressiveness in Sky X but i always get the same Troubles. So i changed from guiding rate 1 to 0,5....i get the same troubles. I also changed the aggressiveness but the troubles are still there.

I use the Ascom Astro Physics V2 Driver for controlling the mount, all drivers are current.

Any ideas????

Kind regards,


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