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Mike, that sounds odd. Scott Hammonds posted a video of cleaning and remeshing the gears on his 1200 GTO CP3. I'd look at that.


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I spoke to Howard some months ago and he offered an alternate gear mesh procedure for my 1600GTO (still with CP3 and standard gear boxes).  If I remember correctly, he offered putting the mount in Park 1 (counterweight shaft down, OTA pointed north), loosening the lock down screws on the gear box, and moving the mount in RA or DEC depending on the axis being adjusted, similar to the documented procedure.  He offered two things though, giving the gear boxes a gentle rap or two and putting a couple of fingers (pointer and middle finger) between the bottom of the gearbox and top of the mount and then tightening the lock down screws.


Since it is some time since I have adjusted the gear mesh, I am trying to remember if this is correct.  anyone have any input, or Howard if you can chime in...




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