Re: Problem calibrating star location in ACCP.


I've got exactly the same problem. I have a 1600 mount with encoders.  Right now I can't calibrate the encoders.  I set the scope to Park 4 (after loosening the clutches) as the scope thought I was pointing to a declination of +58 (I am at South -38!).  Using a level to approximate Park 4 and tightening the clutches, I used The Sky to slew to a star (in the west toward the zenith).  I used the keypad to centre the star. I opened up APPM and did a plate solve and real which it did.  When I opened APAE it said the encoder position was too far off or some such. Again APCC thought I was looking at something in the far north. Interestingly, in APPM the site coordinates were correct in latitude, but longitude was reported as +145 instead of -145 (I am east of the meridian).  I am running the latest AP driver and APPC (V1.5.0.10).  The +ve longitude was also positive in V1.5.0.6. I can't recall from previous versions. Could this have anything to do with APCC thinking I am looking far north?

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