Re: APCC New release (was Funny Slewing under APCC Meridian Delay)

Michael Fulbright <mike.fulbright@...>

I tried the APCC Standard release last night and had some odd behavior and wanted to clarify a few things.

I have only had my new Mach1 for about a week - I started with APCC Standard V installed as well as the latest ASCOM V2 driver (5.09.01) and the GTOP4 control box. I have the latest 6.2 ASCOM installed.

Here is my first question - I didn't see any information on upgrading APCC so I just installed the new w/o removing the version - is this correct?

Here is the behavior I saw after installing - perhaps the answer is simply I didn't upgrade correctly - if there is an upgrade procedure online I would appreciate a link.

1) With if I wanted to image a target in the East with the CW up I just went to the 'Meridian' tab in APCC and entered a positive Meridian Delay. This has worked fine with, aside from the fact any slews from a CW up position to another with the CW up would first slew to the meridian. Last night (with I entered a Meridian Delay and it would appear in the box and you could see the yellow line shift in the display below. However, as soon as I would do a slew the box would goto '0.0' and the yellow line would move back to the meridian. In essence, the Meridian Delay was cleared. This is different behavior than what I saw in

2) When I used the ASCOM V2 driver 'jog' buttons with 600x move speed there seemed to be large lag between releasing a button and the mount stopping. Once the mount did not stop at all and I had to hit the 'STOP' button on APCC (STOP button on V2 driver did nothing). Previously with I did not observe a lag like this. Side note - being able to use a gamepad to move the scope around would really be welcome here. I've posted a separate message on this forum about the problem I ran into implementing this myself with the throttling of the MoveAxis ASCOM Scope method speed on DEC.

3) I got around #1 be defining a Meridian across all inclinations on the Meridian tab and enabling it. I was then able to slew to a CW up position. However when I tried a small slew (to center frame) from a CW up position to another CW up position the mount slewed back to the meridian, then slewed to the new target position (with the CW up). This is the same as the behavior.

It is #3 that has me wondering if my upgrade procedure was incorrect since it is exhibiting old behavior and #3 is what the .10 release was intended to correct.

Please let me know if there is any additional information that is required and I can pull it together. I am new to the Astro-Physics ecosystem and am not sure the proper channels to address ASCOM driver and other software issues.

Michael Fulbright

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