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Ray Gralak


In v1.5.0.10, which should be posted soon, check the option "Creat Virtual
Ports first". Not only will the ports be created first, but it will
automatically allocate a virtual port if none happens to be set.

-Ray Gralak
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Subject says little but didn't know how to title. Issue is connecting
today after last
night's imaging session. I've noticed this a few times in the past and
always just
closed all programs and rebooted the computer which seems to "reset" APCC.
images on and off last night with clouds moving in and out but ACP Expert
did as
expected by closing the roof and going into standby mode opening again
when clear
conditions arrived. Took a number of Ha images and then the system ran the
shutdownobs.js script at the appropriate time with ACP Expert going into
mode. So the only programs running are ACP, Scheduler (Expert), AstroMC
controller), AstroAlert (Cloud/weather sensor) and the "normal Windows 7
Pro stuff. I
find I need to take flats frames using my FlatMan XL panel and turn on the
outlets using my Webpower Switch, and start MaxIm v6.13. MaxIm is
configured to
co nnect to the telescope via ASCOM Direct for guiding so it starts APCC.
APCC starts I notice it connects to the AP driver but there is no Virtual
Port listed so
MaxIm sits there waiting. Nothing happens because there is no virtual port
to connect
to even though nothing has been done short of what I listed above since
successful imaging run last night. Closing all the programs and
re-starting them
makes no difference, in fact nothing short of a computer reboot seems to
work to get
the virtual port back. Seems this happened a long time back not long after
APCC for the first time and I had configured my VP to #20 and it
disappeared so I
assigned #21 in my ignorance. Had I rebooted the computer it would have
back up on its own but I didn't know that then. See this direct link to
the screen shots
and descriptions, I also posted the
startup and
shutdown scripts used in ACP Expert to show how the system is started up
shutdown normally. Also, to be clear, I use MaxIm configured to guide
using the
ASCOM Direct to avoid using a guider cable. Same as with the setup at SRO
due to
having two imaging systems on an AP3600GTO.

Suggestions and solutions welcomed.



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