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Unless I have missed something here, number 5, below, answers your question: if you can get good results UNGUIDED, but get poor results GUIDED then it suggests that there is some problem or issue with your guiding setup/software/parameters and that it is NOT your PEC curve. Your PEC curve will be influencing your results if you are guiding or not.

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I am trying to program the PEM on my AP900 without any success.

Could someone be kind enough to help me.

1.Do I need to point the mount to a particular part of the sky before doing the data capture to create the correction curve.

2.which option should I use to create the curve.

3.I have tried to create a curve and sent it to the mount but the guiding is no better even worse.

4. I have inverted the curve but still no improvement.

5.I can get a 5 minute exposure with no trailing when I an not autoguiding.

Thank you for your help.


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