Re: AP 900GTO Mount won't connect

Jeff Kraehnke

Hi Ray,

I confirmed that APCC Virtual port is unchecked.  As I was connected to the scope using the older driver, the PC froze and MaximDL 6 crashed.  When I tried to reconnect afterwards, I got another error and couldn't connect to the telescope no matter what.  I'm thinking this is a Windows thing.  

I also tried to connect using the AP Jog utility and did not succeed.

Not sure what else to do so I'm using a completely different PC with a fresh and legit version of WIN7 Home Premium that has all Windows updates.  I will install all ASCOM and such software and try again.  I can't imagine my issue is hardware related.

The other thing I was chasing prior to this connection issue was a random overcommanded DEC during autoguiding that ruined my images and if not that, oscillation.  The oscillation could be controlled thru reducing aggression but I wonder if all my problems aren't related to a corrupt .NET framework.  If I make any progress, I'll respond later.  Thanks.


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