AP GOTOs and other software

Chris Spratt

I've been trying two other programs without DigitalSky Voice to see
if they would control the AP600E Goto I have. Both programs work with
the lX200 series (so they claim). Been told they should work as a
standalone product with the AP GOTOs.

ECU (Earth Centered Universe)Version 3.0C and Guide 7 both make
connections with the mount. After that very erratic slewing for
either program and in one case non-stop slewing in Dec!

I think the AP subset of the LX200 commands is enough to confuse both
programs. Been advised that SKY Map Pro will work with these mounts
but after trying two others that should, I'm asking if anyone here
has tested this out as I have. If anyone has Sky Map Pro version 6
and has tried it by itself (No DSV) with their AP GOTO mount I would
like to know what happened. Erratic slewing? Whatever?
I understand that "The Sky" will work as a "stand alone" program.
Found that ECU and Guide 7 for the moment won't. Any other stories
out there?

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