Re: Automated remote operation of an AP1200 mount


Hi Ray


Many thanks for your reply (and to others for their comments).  It has given me some confidence in operating the AP1200 remotely, though Lloyds experiences of pier collisions is something of a concern!


I currently operate the observatory semi-remotely and use The Sky6 and CCDSoft.  I know they are outdated but they work well so I haven't seen any reason to change. I also use FocusMax to control the Atlas focuser and PHD for my separate guidescope


In addition to CCDAP I also plan to use Pinpoint for plate solving which I think I also need to build a pointing model in APCC.


From my experience of using other remote telescopes the robustness of the software and it's integration with the hardware are key.  I have a few issues with the current set up such as changes to British Summer Time  always seem to cause problems and I have a persistent (though not consistent) pointing error.  Neither of these have been a particular issue to me as I use the scope long time series photometry generally of a single target per night, until I start to think about remote control.   I will probably also install a very wide angle camera to allow me to identify the sky pointing if there is a problem.


It sounds like I will be looking at CCDAP working with APCC will for the core of the software suite.  I think this will enable me to improve the pointing and plate solve automatically.


Many thanks


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