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Marc Zukoff <yooody@...>

I have a 400 gto mount on order but would like to educate myself on
the mount before its arrival. Would someone explain the alignment
process for visual use in lower powered fov, and how long the methods
took. Does the mount come with a polar alignment scope?. How about
alignment without sighting polaris?. I currently use an ultima 2000
which is aligned quickly in alt-azm, and is actually very
quiet.Thanks. -- In ap-gto@..., "Jeffrey D. Gortatowsky"
<mrrockets@h...> wrote:

I ditched a message that had the exact same tone as yours. After
the original I realized whomever it was posting (grayfox65?) was
trying to
get way more precision than I currently need. I mean it was _great_
to get
all this information, and I did file it away, but I was thinking to

"Hello! I just want to slew and have the object in
the FOV of
31mm Terminagler, not a 2.5mm LV with a 5x
PowerMate! :^D
Can't I do a quick two star alignment and start
maybe refine the mount's error by using a synchronize

However reading the entire message again I see that is exactly the
case. So
I trashed the email. I think we are talking about two different
criteria for
pointing accuracy here. Me thinks grayfox65 wants to put it on a
CCD chip or
somptin' like that. Or I could just be out in left field.

Clear skies,

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Maybe I need to read more about using the AP software,
but, having to make a number of passes between Polaris
and another star to polar align seems like a lot of work if
you are not trying to take long exposure astro photos.


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