Polemaster mounting adapter for AP Mach1GTO (was re:Polemaster mounting adapter for AP 900/1200 mounts)



It is easy to fix the QHY Polemaster onto a Mach1GTO: buy some self adhesive velcro, apply one part on the underside of the Polemaster, other part on the Mach1GTO declination motor housing and you can attach and remove the Polemaster as needed. Or you can use some double sided sticky tape to fix the QHY Polemaster UNC adapter (http://www.qhyccd.com/images/UNC-s.jpg) to the declination motor housing if you need to be able to use the Polemaster dovetail attachment e.g. if you have another mount. This UNC adapter has 1/4"-20 thread like a camera, you could also fix this to a Baader Planetarium counterweight with CDP (camera docking port).

Best regards,

Geert Vandenbulcke, Belgium

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