Re: ETA for integrated COM port support in ASCOM driver?

Ray Gralak

Hi Joel,

ASCOM is a Windows-only platform component so you will need a Windows computer to initialize the mount via the ASCOM driver.

What you probably heard was that someone was going to make a cross-platform (iOS, Android, Windows phone) phone/tablet application that simply initializes the mount.

I have signed up to do that (free) application on my own, however I would like to finish PEMPro V3 before working on this free app. Unfortunately, I can't say for sure that the initialization app will be ready by the fall. Maybe the Sky safari developers or someone else will produce a solution by then.

-Ray Gralak
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OK, so hopefully some time in the fall then. That's the info I was after.
Yes, serial and USB is working great with the ASCOM driver now. But those don't
work with a tablet, and wireless is what I'm after. Using my windows tablet I was
sporadically successful with some third party emulator software but not nearly
enough reliably to be of practical use. So I know that communication should work
if the right software was found or better yet included in the ASCOM driver itself.

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