Re: vserial7.sys BSOD

Joe Zeglinski

Thanks Ray – that is good to know.
    I too use an SSD on one observatory laptop.
    From reading some web articles, the down side is that “average “ quality SSD’s (perhaps older ones), had a 3,000 to 5,000 rewrite cycles lifetime. The really good one’s, using different semiconductor technology, now have 100,000 rewrites. Unlike hard drives, SSD’s crash in a different way, perhaps more slowly.
    That is why the article I read,  recommended to never allow SSD’s to run Defrag programs, Clean-up programs,  or permit indexing – which aren’t really necessary based on their terrific access speed. I read that every SSD write operation, first does a block erase – which uses up one of those precious life cycles. Indexing and writing files does the same.
    Makes me wonder if risking a hard drive’s head crash would have a longer lifetime.
Still, I find the SSD’s about triple-speed access, compared to spinning iron HD, is enticing.
But you probably knew all that, and much more.

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