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Ray Gralak


I don’t ever "clean" the registry. Cleaning to me was more one of defragmentation and compaction of the registry to restore performance. However I don't feel that’s needed since I started using SSDs as the boot drive. If there is something specific that needs to be done I manually edit the registry.

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No Ray,

I do NOT assume that only Microsoft causes Registry issues – just that they
should be causing the least number of them, since they have had decades of
practice improving their Windows apps.

You say that you don’t trust “registry cleaners” – that’s fine, some folks don’t. Does
that mean you do NOT USE them at all? If so, I would be curious in knowing your
method of keeping your registry clean, in spite of Microsoft and other third party
installers and apps. Indeed, I would like to follow your safer or better method.

Then again, somebody with intensive knowledge and skills on ferreting out
mishaps in the Registry, when Windows doesn’t seem to be running “quite right”
(without error messages), could easily fix the problem without relying on third party
cleaners. The rest of us less skilled, and least time, have less choice.

Otherwise, it would also be interesting to see just how many “potential” hits, the
challenged CCLEAN would find on your PC ... just with its “CCLEAN Analyzer”
stage, and how many, or percentage of these listed findings, you recognize as truly
bogus – You don’t have to actually Accept its performing the actual clean-up stage,
so no danger to your potentially pristine system. Maybe you might end of actually
trusting CClean, with proper user settings.

Anyway, to each his own. This registry cleaner has worked for me for years, while
others have not – maybe you have had bad experiences with some other one(s),
assuming you use ... BUT still do not trust ANY of them.

Nuff said. I accept your confidence that they are all untrustworthy, but not the
Windows Club tactics. I didn’t mean to make a promotion for the one Cleaner I do
trust - until proven otherwise.
Just thought that the linked YouTube “Windows Club” interviewer, showed a lack of
journalistic integrity, (if he were one), by not challenging his Microsoft “guest” to
defend his claim, rather than both of them sloughing off the presented charge with
... “Lets not talk about it”. The high powered tech guest seemed like a Microsoft shill,
to me.

Apologies for sliding somewhat off-topic on the BSOD.

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