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Ray Gralak

Hi Joe,

Seems to me that if Microsoft can’t keep their Windows Registry in good order, on
a regular basis, they shouldn’t broadcast “unsubstantiated opinions”.
I think you may be assuming that all registry issues were caused by Microsoft and not by third-party applications and hardware driver installations. The registry is just a database. I do not think it's Microsoft's responsibility to know that applications and drivers are using the registry in the way those applications and drivers intended.

When 3rd-party installers and "registry cleaners" start assuming they know what's supposed to be "right" then bad things can happen. I have seem registry cleaners totally destroy systems, so I don't trust them.

-Ray Gralak
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I’m still waiting all these past decades of Windows, for ... “even Microsoft” ... to
finally come out with their own “Registry Cleaner”, of the same excellence ;-)
as Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) antivirus.
What is it that is oft quoted about “people who live in glass houses” ?

Seems to me that if Microsoft can’t keep their Windows Registry in good order, on
a regular basis, they shouldn’t broadcast “unsubstantiated opinions”.

I’ve been using CClean Registry clean-up tool, (home user edition), for several
years on several PC’s, without a single problem with it’s operation, so far. Then again
I’m not a “Gamer”, or one to trust installing every cute app I find on the web, so my
PC Registries doesn’t seem to mess up too much. Even Microsoft’s own Installers
leave stuff behind, and don’t clean up their own messes – requiring a CCLEAN run
after that. So, I wonder if the MS commentator, (Gov Maharaj), is posting a political
MS corporate innuendo, among his “generally” good advice – little of which is aimed
at the “general unskilled PC owner”.

Mind you, any household vacuum cleaner can unknowingly sweep up a lost
diamond ear ring in deep pile carpet, so like vacuum bags ... “Cleaners” of any kind
should be checked to see “which apps” are specifically included in the “check list”.
Did that, and caught an error just once, after a “NERO CLEANUP” trial run, which I
found does bad things. Somehow it (surprisingly) added an app into CCLEAN’s
“apps include list” which was never there in years of use and updates.
Similarly, the long time, much respected “Malwarebytes” cleaner, admits it is possible
for an exception, to put a “false positive identified” app into its Quarantine jail – as
does Microsoft’s MSE a.k.a. DEFENDER, and CCLEAN.
That is the purpose of their HISTORY tabs and Accept screens – offering the user a
chance to “participate” in the final decision. Most security findings, have to be left to
our “faith” in the program(s), since the developers know far more about daily threats
than we ever could.

Computers aren’t appliances, they are vehicles requiring a cautious and intelligent
human operator.
Nothing is perfect, not even all those “security app programmers” ... even Microsoft ...
although they professionally, try to do absolutely the best they can for us.


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