Re: time zone & daylight saivings [help]

Chris Spratt

Suggest you ignore Daylight savings time. Set the mount to UT and
forget about it.

PS: For those using Win95/98 on their computer and wish to use
strictly UT - setting the clock to GMT under Windows will still
Daylight Savings Time (Thanks Bill Gates). To overrise this set your
time zone to Casablanca and forget about Daylight Savings Time. Even
if you use a "dial-in" service to set your clock accurately the
Casablanca time zone location won't cofuse the issue - leaving it at
the GMT London location will.

--- In ap-gto@..., "visonneau-vin" <visonneau-vin@i...>
Hi from france
I would like to know if someone can tell me (or explain me) what
parameter of time zone and daylight saivings for western of
that the manual is very difficult to understand.
In summer,local time in france is GMT-2,
in winter,local time is GMT-1
My geographic situation is:
latitude 1.4170 Ouest
longitude:47.15 Nord
Thanks you for your helpful
Vincent (sorry for the bad english)

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